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E-mail: sidekicks@unm.edu

About Sidekicks

Get Involved, Begin Your Adventure & Stay Connected

Students begin their Sidekicks experience by requesting a Mentor or Mentee by submitting an online application. Once matched, participants form teams for the academic year. Teams complete the Sidekicks Orientation to learn about roles and responsibilities; how to properly track team points; established team goals; and sign a team contract. Teams then select activities and participate in various opportunities including: community service events, peer networking opportunities, academic workshops, UNM Getaway Adventures, and numerous additional options listed on the Sidekicks website and weekly newsletter. Active participation in academic enrichment activities, service initiatives, student success events and other opportunities are highlights of the mentorship component. Team are encouraged to meet with the Sidekicks Program Coordinator once a semester while competing in monthly team challenges.

What is Mentoring?

A Mentor contributes to the development of another person by being a trusted confidant & providing academic and personal support. Mentors can support students in many ways, including:

  • Provide academic guidance
  • Recommend internships, research and learning opportunities
  • Answer questions and/or provide resources on and off campus
  • Share their knowledge, skills and campus insight
  • Being a positive role model

What does a Mentee do?

A Mentee receives support from a more seasoned individual that they trust to confide in and receive positive nudges to grow individually and professionally. Mentees are committed to:

  • Receiving peer assistance
  • Being open to accepting feedback
  • Accepting guidance
  • Sharing experiences with their Mentor
  • Growing personally