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Sidekicks Teams

**Points Updated: October 10, 2017 10:14 AM **

Amber & Laurie - 0 Pts

September Points: 56

• Mentor: Amber Begay, Psychology Major/Art Studio Minor, Junior, Navajo Nation

• Mentee: Laurie Sanchez, Psychology, First Year, Hispanic

Bannock Babes - 0 Pts

September Points: 195

• Mentor: Alysia Coriz, Junior, Native American Studies Major/Psychology & Business Minor, Santo Domingo

• Mentee: SuSun Fisher, First Year, Political Science, Confederate Tribes of Siletz Indian & Salish Kootenai

Beast Mode - 0 Pts

September Points: 30

• Mentor: Charles George, Junior, Biology, Navajo Nation

• Mentee: Hope Johnson, First Year, Political Science, White Mountain Apache

Black Otters - 0 Pts

September Points: 50

• Mentor: Mykale Begay-Harlan, Sophomore, Biology Major/Navajo Minor, Navajo Nation

• Mentee: Kristen Woody, Sophomore, Emergency Medicine, Navajo Nation

Dimples - 0 Pts

September Points: 72.5

• Mentor: Brittney Concho, Elementary Education, Junior, Navajo Nation/Acoma Pueblo

• Theresa Cruz-Sandoval, Undecided, First Year, Ohkay Owingeh/San Felipe

Goal Diggers - 0 Pts

September Points: 134

• Mentor: Caitlynn Mayhew, Senior, Biology Major/Native American Studies & Chemistry Minor, Navajo Nation

• Mentee: Mariah Whitehorse, Sophomore, Exercise Science, Navajo Nation

Lifesavers - 0 Pts

September Points: 58

• Mentor: Melodie Begay, Nursing, Senior, Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo

• Mentee: Aleya Rivas, Pre-Nursing, First Year, Navajo Nation


M & M - 0 Pts

September Points: 15

• Mentor: Mariah Chee, Exercise Science Major/Psychology Minor, Junior, Navajo Nation

• Mikayla Arquero, First Year, Ohkay Owingeh

Swagalicious - 0 Pts

September Points: 50.5

• Mentor: Josiah Concho, Environmental Design & Planning, Senior, Navajo Nation/Acoma Pueblo

• Mentee: Sapphire Persinger, Biology, First Year, Navajo Nation

Team Lafawnda - 0 Pts

September Points: 66

• Mentor: Keenan Toya, Exercise Science, Sophomore, Pueblo of Jemez/Hispanic/Chicano

• Mentee: Cheyenne Begaye, Nursing, First Year, Navajo Nation

Tenacious Spicy Girls - 0 Pts

September Points: 0

• Mentor: Tana Larae, Senior, Psychology Major/Anthropology Minor, Chickasaw

• Mentee: Diane Andraca, Sophomore, Nursing Major/Native American Studies Minor, Mescalero Apache

The Queen Bees - 0 Pts

September Points: 58

• Mentor: Teresa Llanes, Liberal Arts, Senior, Zuni Pueblo

• Mentor: Nalleli Reyes Garcia, Native American Studies Major/Political Science Minor, Hispanic

The Sunshine Girls - 0 Pts

September Points: 66

• Mentor: Shondiin Lewis, Pre-Pharmacy, Sophomore, Navajo Nation/Acoma Pueblo

• Mentee: Sunny Nez, Pre-Pharmacy, First Year, Navajo Nation

We Showed Up - 0 Pts

September Points: 85.5

• Mentor: Aspen Johnson, Biology Major/Nutrition Minor, Senior, White Mountain Apache

• Mentee: Octavio Perez, Communications Major/Spanish Minor, Sophomore, Acoma Pueblo


What The Health - 0 Pts

September Points: 63

• Mentor: Briana Kazhe-Dominguez, Community Health, Senior, Mescalero Apache

• Lynsey Pinto, Pre-Population Health, First Year, Navajo Nation

Cool & Collective - 0 Pts

• Mentor: Tia Curley, International Studies Major/Economics Minor, Senior, Navajo Nation

• Mentee: Kaylee Wood, Biology, First Year, Jicarilla Apache Nation

Saucy - 0 Pts

• Mentor: Tiayrra Curtis, Business Administration, Senior, Navajo Nation

• Mentee: Erika Trujillo, Criminology Major/Business Minor, First Year, San Felipe Pueblo


Strawberry Lumps - 0 Pts

• Mentor: Keisha Kee, Biology Major/Human, Medicine, Values, Junior, Navajo Nation

•Mentee: Jacinto Montoya, History Major/Psychology, First Year, Standing Rock Sioux